Science: Psychology

Mr Simon Haddock BSc (UEA) PGCE (Institute of Education)

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those functions affecting behaviour in a given context. As a science, Psychology aims to gain knowledge through systematic and objective investigations in to discover general laws.

In year 1 we study memory, attachments and social influence in the first term. This is followed by research methods, psychopathology and approaches. In year 2 will continue learning about research methods, including topical areas such as relationships, schizophrenia and addiction.

Lessons include a variety of interactive and engaging activities (e.g. visual and kinetic) including discussions about relevant psychological material in the news. You will also have the opportunity to relate psychological theories to your own behaviour and actions by completing questionnaires and conducting research and independent study. Lessons also include topical videos and informative documentaries that will allow you to understand Psychology in the real-world.

It's amazing to have the opportunities to discover more about yourself as well as other people. Psychology allows you to understand so much more about how the world around you works.

Millie, Year 12

Psychology is an engaging subject and incredibly relevant to real life. For example in the AS course, we studied the effect of anxiety on eye witness testimony which I found particularly interesting. I have chosen to do an EPQ on psychiatric diagnosis due to my interest in psychology and mental illness.

emma, Year 12