Entrance Examination

The examination for 11+ entry is taken in January for admission the following September. Girls are assessed through a written English paper and the CEM Select Evaluate Abilities computer assessment devised by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, part of the University of Cambridge. The latter is used to measure verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability. The allocated time for this section is around 1 hour. Please note that neither CEM nor Farnborough Hill provide practice materials for the Abilities assessment, however CEM do offer guidance (see link at bottom of page) and a familiarisation website which gives parents and children a chance to see what the tests look like.  A link to the CEM Familiarisation Website is provided to parents as soon as they have registered their daughters.  For 11+ entry, we write to the present school to request a report in the November before the entrance examination.

Candidates applying to enter into other year groups are also assessed through a written English paper and the CEM computer assessment which will be tailored to their age group. We request to see the latest school report and we write for a reference to the candidate's current school. We can arrange to test candidates at short notice should you decide to apply for a place. As soon as you register with us you will be sent a link to the CEM Familiarisation Website.

The next 11+ Entrance Examination day is Tuesday 7 January 2020.

The closing date for registrations for entry into Year 7 in September 2020 is Friday 15 November 2019.